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about us

Introduction of Tanesh Zoda Sanat:

Tanesh Zoda Sanat Company started its work by designing and manufacturing heat treatment furnaces, designing and manufacturing local stress relief devices and implementing heat treatment projects in Arak.
The founders of the company have been cooperating with large companies such as Azarab, MachineSazi Arak, Mapna, Farab, etc. for many years, and the course certificate
Have also received the relevant information from reputable international companies.
Training certificate from cooper heat UK
Certificate of training from Japan welding society
Training course certificate from Japan international cooperation agency
Certificate of training course from the Spanish company GUINEA
Educational certificates from Azarab Industries Company
And approvals from other employers

Tanesh Zada Sanat Company was registered in 2003 under the registration number 5247 in Arak, located in Markazi province, and Tanesh Zeda Sanat Company has received its manufacturer / exploitation license under the number 102/4602.

This company is the exclusive importer of required equipment and industrial stress relief devices in the country by obtaining a business card license under number 366263 from the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Markazi Province.


our Services:

Local detachment
Designer and manufacturer of local stress relief devices in accordance with standard requirements
Fixed and temporary furnaces
Designer and manufacturer of fixed and temporary furnaces
Induction stress relief
Designer and manufacturer of induction stress relief equipment
Preheating operation
Perform preheating operations and de-stressing tanks and pipelines

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our company

In recent years, Tanesh Zoda Sanat company has registered stress-relieving devices with PLC system, and now the device is under arbitration in the Industrial Research Organization of Iran.

During these years, the company has not only been active in the field of manufacturing and updating stress relief devices, but has also designed and manufactured thermocouple welding machines, various types of industrial elements, and automatic weaving of 19-element wires. On the other hand, in order to control heat treatment furnaces, it has designed and manufactured furnace controllers using PLC system and Labview program.